A word from David

This month we take a look at the customer experience, and what it means for your company and your brand

Honesty and the online review

A negative customer review can have a massive impact. Are companies stacking the deck?

English so wrong it’s right

If you misuse something long and often enough, it may eventually become “right”

Do your customers believe you?

Why B2B customers aren’t buying your sales pitch – and what to do about it

Stupid is as stupid does

Tech support call center scenarios to try anyone’s patience

The Hierarchy of Contagiousness

A refreshingly scientific approach to social media and content marketing

The “you” in UX

Whether B2C or B2B, user experience (UX) is about building the customer-brand relationship

What does good service mean?

For the customer, a human connection can make all the difference

Standardized spoken English?

From the WordSpin vault, we bring you a brief history of spoken English. Is there a proper way to speak it?