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This month we take a look at the customer experience, and what it means for your company and your brand

What, exactly, is the customer experience? In a word, it’s about service, but also so much more. Particularly in B2B, what your customer experiences is the crux of your professional relationship. It’s tested in every message you send and receive – from a simple phone call to the most thoughtfully targeted content.

In this issue of WordSpin, we’ve looked at the customer experience from multiple angles – from the perspective of a frustrated shopper, to call center conundrums.

In Content Strategy 101, Chris L. Ramsden gives us a first look at how an attentive content strategy can deliver legions of loyal customers. Kathryn Casey exposes the underworld of online customer reviews, while Jomar Reyes takes a deeper look at user experience – and why it’s so important for your brand.

For language lovers, Raechelle Wilson gives us a glimpse into how and why English is changing in our Grammar Slammer and Best of WordSpin features.

This issue of WordSpin also presents readers with a special, sneak peek at Eye For Image’s Three Voices Strategy ™, a revolutionary way to engage and influence all of your corporate audiences. You can also read about our upcoming book: The Death of Propaganda – B2B buyer behavior has changed. Now it’s your turn.

We hope this edition sheds a fresh light on customer experience and provides insight into how you can keep building those positive relationships.

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As always, we encourage your comments and feedback – and happy reading!

David Hoskin
Editor of WordSpin

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